It looks a lot better in person than in the pictures, IMO. Super light, customizable and adjustable chain to get a variety of lengths. However, the piece looks and feels like it may easily discolor and break. It’s not something I plan to wear everyday, but if you do, I would keep in mind the quality I described and look for something a bit sturdier or of better quality. Custom Name Necklace
She absolutely loved it and had always wanted one of these… Got one in gold and one in silver… Waited a bit to see if they turned green or tarnished… neither has… got the “Kimberly” one, which sold as “Kinkerly”, but I assure you they got the name right. Super fast delivery and follow up. Again, simple little gift she had always wanted and finally has…-0
I purchased this chain in October and have been wearing it daily and it is still holding its color. I do remove it before I shower and do wait until my perfume dries before putting it on so to avoid any discoloration. For the price it’s definitely worth it Cheap Name Necklace
Beautiful necklace. My daughter is allergic to most jewelry, but has had no reaction to this one despite wearing it constantly for the last week.
Bought this for my siuster for Christmas, I have bought a necklace like this with my name for myself before and it was soo small when it arrived u couldn’t read it. I was afraid of the same thing with this one but it was a pleasantly nice size. she loves it and wear it all the time

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