I love the necklace! I only had a slight problem that it broke at the clasp link the first time I wore it but I took it to a jeweler who said it looked like it might have been a bad link that wasn’t tightened and he tightened it for me at no cost and it has been perfect ever since! Fast service and even an email asking how I liked it afterwards! I wish all sellers on amazon cared this much!! Custom Name Necklace
Okay, but like it’s so cute. I didn’t have high expectations for this necklace, but I was so surprised. As long as you don’t expect something hella expensive feeling then you will love this necklace too. (Don’t get me wrong though it doesn’t feel super cheap.) It feels like jewelry you would buy at forever 21.
love it, its cute and stylish, I love the writhing and what it says it means a lot to me and its nice to always have that reminder around my neck, but just be carful, I have gone out a few times with it on backwards, make sure the clasp is on the left side .
It is delicate and very light chain. Cheap Name Necklace

I do not recommend for longer words because it is light in weight.

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