I love my necklace. It’s really shiny and it’s got a good weight to it. It’s light enough that it doesn’t really feel like it drags around the neck but it’s heavy enough that it doesn’t feel cheaply made. It feels well made but the chain it’s on feels delicate. However, it’s held up well so far. I guess my only real hang up is the clasp is on the opposite side. I think traditionally the clasp goes on the right side, not the left, but that doesn’t really hinder it’s functionality and I plan to wear this pretty much every day. Custom Name Necklace

The chain and script gives the necklace a very delicate look, though it seems quite sturdy. It has an adjustable clasp (different places to hook it to adjust the length), and it stays where you put it making it lay perfectly at the length you need. Very beautiful and elegant. Would buy again.
I really like the necklace it’s so cute but there is a reason i’m only giving it 4 stars. it’s supposed to be stainless steal and 14k gold plated but its not it has tarnished after just one week of wearing the necklace. I’m the kind of person who likes to wear a necklace like for weeks without taking it off. so I like to look for a necklace that won’t get tarnished when I saw it was stainless steal and gold plated I was really excited still a pretty cheap price and I do love how it looks. I just got an email they have fixed the problem and are sending me a new one so over all i’d say it’s a good product i just got a bad one. Cheap Name Necklace
I do wish the Joy portion was a little less dainty and more visible, i.e., its too tiny of a word. But I do like it and very seldom can I find joy jewelry that is not Christmas jewelry so it is meaningful to me, Joy.

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