I ordered 2 of these for my daughters and they are PERFECT!!!!! 14K Gold Name Necklace  I was happily surprised by the quality. They arrived sooner than expected also. The only issue I have, and it is not really an issue, is be sure of the length of the chain. The length includes the name so it may seem shorter than expected. It was for me by my daughters thing the length is perfect so….no big deal!!!!! Thank you Custom Personalized Jewelry…great product and great price!
Working with Custom Personalized Jewelry has been a great delight. One thing that is hard sometimes shopping online is the fact that you don’t have access to people to help you, answer your questions, help with returns, etc. The company is EXCELLENT at communication! They get back to you right away, no questions they understand customer service and customer satisfaction! It has been a great pleasure working with this company and i’d do it again, no questions asked! Great products, perfect for gifts and if you have any issues, Cheap Name Necklace they’ll gladly assist you with them with no issues. Shipping might take a bit longer, but def. worth it compared to the customer service you receive.
When I Order My Necklace I Was Thinking It Was Gonna Be One Of The Cheap Metal Plate But To Be honest I Was Actually Impressed By The Well Manufactured Nameplate It Was One Of Those Necklace That I Want It be Perfect Simple But A Looking Awesome Thing I Even Show It To My Family And They Love It Even The Price For It Its Very Descent I Meant Were Can You Find Something Well Made Done And At A Cheap Price Its Unbelievable So As For Me They Will Always Be My Number One Proirty They Even Put In A Small Box So If Its For A Gift To Someone Its Ready Which Is Nice From Them!!!!!!!!!!!The necklace came much quicker than I had expected (received it in about 9 days), which was a nice surprise and it is so shiny and beautiful. The mail lady brought it to the door and I had to sign for it. So do be aware you have to sign for this product. I liked that I had to sign for the product because it ensures proper delivery. Name Necklace

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