I needed a chain for a very special charm, I’d been searching for something that looks good, delicate, but at the same time it’s sturdy. I definitely found it. This silver chain is just what I am looking for, it truly exceeded my expectations. I was also impressed with the beautiful packaging. Recommended! Cheap Name Necklace 
I purchased the 36’in ,because I’m a busty woman so I needed the length. It’s very delicate,but very pretty it looks great with my pendant. It also accentuates my snake chain with hart pendant. I’m happy!
I purchased 2 30″ chains. Delivery was quick. 14K Gold Name Necklace The chains are lovely and seem to hold a relatively heavy charm. I will be ordering a few more for gifts and maybe a couple shorter ones for me. I would definitely buy from this seller again.I got this chain based on the reviews to replace one that came with a pendant I got from Amazon that had a really cheap chain and a hard to handle clasp. This chain is great it is not too thick and not too thin and it does not take away from the pendant, although it is shiny it’s not too shiny. Also the clasp is much easier to open and close, it only took me a few seconds to get it on not 30 minutes like the other one. It also makes any pendant look better. As others have said it comes in a very nice box and also something that is important to me… it is packaged very nicely where the chain is partly in a small bag and then partly through the rungs in the velvet in the box. Why is that important? Because you don’t have to spend forever untangling a chain because they packaged it correctly. I would definitely buy this chain and from this seller again. First class seller and item.
I bought this chain months ago to replace a chain that came with a locket my boyfriend gave me for my birthday. The chain it came with broke immediately so I got this one. Name Necklace

If you are thinking of getting this chain, do it!! It’s pretty and strong and hasn’t turned my skin green or anything. I got a long one and I wear my locket with this 24/7 and occasionally when uh…my bf and I are “wrestling” on the bed, this gets caught under me or him (which is how my original chain broke) but it’s held up very well to the abuse I’ve subjected it to. Very very worth it especially considering how cheap it is!

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