I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered this for a Christmas present for my little sister. 14K Gold Name Necklace I was just really hoping for the best. Then I noticed how slow the shipping was estimated to be. Once I sent an email to them with my personalization request, I received a confirmation email almost immediately. And they said I would have it in time for Christmas. (Est. shipping was not for delivery until January!). I received the necklace in a bout 4 days!!!! I was so ecstatic!! Then I opened it up and was so pleasantly surprised! It is so beautiful. Great craftsmanship!!! Couldn’t be happier!!
The two necklaces that I ordered are exactly what I wanted. They look great and they will please the recipients. The quality appears to be as described. 5 stars for this product, they are great.
I love my necklace it is beautiful well craftedand at a great price the chain is a little thin but you can always get it replaced at a jeweler overall it was money well spent!!!!
I am totally in love with my 2in silver monogram necklace. It is gorgeous!!! Came in about 8 business days. Will definitley order from them again. Cheap Name Necklace 
For some background information, I’ve always worn one necklace around my neck, and one necklace only. Always the same, meaning I never changed the necklace to fit any of my outfits. Anyway, so the one I had used to have a charm/pendant, but it broke. Too plain for me, but I didn’t want to replace the necklace as a whole so I figured I’d buy another. I grew an interest in letter pendants (like the one this necklace has) and thought I’d buy one with the first letter of my boyfriend’s name. I browse, I find this, and I like it. The font is nice, the reviews are good, it looks pretty. The plan was to get the necklace, take the pendant off, and put it on the necklace I already had. But that was impossible; there’s not a way to remove it without breaking the little circle thing that connects it to the rest of the necklace. So, what did I do? I just replaced my old necklace with this one. I was hesitant about it because I’d been wearing the other one for so long, I never had any problems, and I had no idea how this would look in a weeks time. However, I bought this almost a month ago, and it’s held up well against being showered with, being worn daily, etc etc. No rusting or anything. I really love how pretty it is, and it’s not super long or short; it’s the perfect length around my neck. I love it and don’t plan to take it off any time soon. Also, if anyone is wondering, the charm is no bigger than size of a US 5-cent nickel. It’s not huge, but it’s not so small as to not be a point in wearing it. It’s perfect. Name Necklace

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