Purchased for my daughter-she loves it. We had found one a month or so ago at a store in New Orleans and it was turning her neck green and coming apart within a couple of weeks. This one we bought on Amazon is much better quality. 14K Gold Name Necklace 
I bought this chain for a pendant that is special to me. I make jewelry and could have easily made my own chain. But I wanted something more official. The pendant is a sterling silver cast of my Mom’s thumbprint (she passed away a little over a year ago). I have been looking for a chain for this for over a year. I was happy to find this chain on sale. was surprised to find this arrived in a nice box. I was expecting a plastic bag or something similar.My only complaints are 1) the clasp is hard to work. The lever is hard to open and it’s hard to attach to the other end. The other end loop is very small, 2) I worry about the connections where the clasp assembly attaches to the chain. It is soldered on. If it were ever to break I would have to take it to a jeweler to fix.I wear these chains continuously, Meaning I wear them all day and night and even in the shower and the pool, till they get dirty … then I clean them until they get dirty again and then I repeat this about three or four times until I feel that they should go into the professional jewelers to be cleaned … so then I will take off the old chains and I keep them all together my jewelry box so I can get them all to a professional jewelers to get cleaned …. Cheap Name Necklace
Bought this for a pendant that didn’t come with a chain. I was worried it would be noticeably cheap next to a nice pendant, but it actually looks quite modern. The pictured chain is the 18in variety, just short enough to not get swallowed by cleavage. It comes in a nice jewelry box, too.Complements the pendant I have very well! I was afraid it wouldn’t fit my pendant, but it fits perfectly. The shine on this chain is elegant, it’s perfect for more “dressy” pendants as well as “semi-dressy.” I’ve never bought a chain separately, so I was nervous about the quality. I saw other reviews that said they only trust this company for chains. I’m so glad I took their suggestion! Now I will only trust this company for chains. Great quality! Name Necklace

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